Electronic Recycling Event

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Recycle for free: CPU Towers; Speakers; Laptops; Vacuums; Coffee Machines; Scanners; Tape Players; CD Players; I-pods; Phones; DVD Players; Drills; Desktop Printers; Power Supplies; Shredders;
Fax Machines; Record Players; Game Systems; Electrical Saws; And More

Chargeable Electronics: 

Flat and CRT Computer Monitors $20 each
Microwaves $15 each
Flat and CRT TVs (29” and under) $20 each
Dehumidifiers $20 each
Flat and CRT TVs (30” - 49”) $40 each
Mini Refrigerators* $20 each
Flat and CRT TVs (50” and over) $60 each
Small A/C Units $20 each
Wood Console or Projection TVs $60 each
Ovens or Dishwashers $25 each
Large Copy Machines/Printers $15 each
Washers or Dryers $25 each