2018 Budget – Maintains, Invests, and Plans for Tomorrow

2018 promises to be another successful year for Menasha, with a budget that continues to express fiscal responsibility, debt retirement, strategic investment, and collaboration. This approach has successfully moved the community forward year after year.

Strategic investments made in previous years have begun to mature. These investments have led to a 6% increase in the City’s equalized value which is 2% higher than the state average.  Through careful management of our TIF districts, we have achieved their objectives of removing blight by bringing new homes and businesses to Menasha. We are confident that upon closure, all of our active TIF districts will be in the black.  Furthermore, it is anticipated that they will add $1.2 million to our property tax collections annually at that time.

Aligning with previous years, this budget plans for continued investment in our roadways and sidewalks of over $2.3 million, including Main Street, more than $550,000 in equipment replacement, $238,000 for a new fire truck, and nearly $300,000 in upgrades and improvements to our parks and trails.  In addition, 2018 will see the first installment towards a new Public Works Maintenance Facility to replace the currently outdated 1950’s facility.

Continuing to invest in neighborhoods and quality of life, in 2018 we plan to complete the twin trestles that broke ground in 2017 and make additional improvements to the pavilion and skate park  at Hart Park. Our Forestry Department will work to get a head start from the looming EAB decimating ash trees proactively removing and replacing 100 trees. 
The budget also includes funding for a minimum of 40 homes to participate in the paint and restore program to add value and curb appeal to our neighborhoods.  Implementation and direction of the nearly complete Downtown Vision Plan, including the sale of the former City Hall, will ensure that the positive momentum of our Downtown will continue.

The budget reflects an increase of $293,545 to our tax levy ($64,626 less than the state levy limit), or about $25 for a $100,000 home, balancing our need for growth and flexibility in the future while maintaining a stable rate (equalized rate down 11cents, assessed rate up 25 cents). 

Working with several new department heads this budget continues to embrace the values of Menasha residents; continuing to provide the services we expect while bringing new ideas forward to enhance our community.  You can expect to see more positive energy, new amenities and a continued dedication to improve the housing stock and infrastructure in the year to come.