Airport Road Construction

Airport Road Construction

2022 Street Improvement Project

The City of Menasha, together with the Village of Fox Crossing has executed Contract Unit No. 2022-02 which includes work items within the following area of the City of Menasha and Fox Crossing:

Concrete Pavement Street Construction

  1. Airport Road (Racine Road to Mayer Street)

Project Work Items

  1. Remove existing pavement.
  2. Remove and replace aggregate base course.
  3. Proposed 8” thick concrete pavement.
  4. Remove and replace failing sidewalk.
  5. Proposed pavement markings (Racine Road to Appleton Road)
  6. Utility adjustments
  7. Complete project area restoration

The General Contractor for this Project is:
Vinton Construction
2705 N. Rapids Road - P.O. Box 1987
Manitowoc, WI   54221-1987

The contact person for Vinton Construction is Josh Brzezinski (920-973-8946).

The tentative work schedule for this Project is:

            START:            June 6, 2022

            COMPLETE:    Late August 2022

The City of Menasha will be the lead agency for the project. If there are questions or concerns throughout the project, please contact the City of Menasha at (920) 967-3610.  During the street construction process the road will be “Open to Local Traffic” for the businesses and residents on Airport Road.  The streets intersecting Airport Road that have other points of ingress and egress may be closed.  During the setting of stringline, fine grading, placement of concrete pavement and other associated construction there may be delays in access to businesses and residence at the driveway locations.  This is unavoidable due to moving equipment, etc.  These delays will be kept to a minimum.  The existing roadway will be narrowed to one half of the street while the other half of the street is being constructed.  Extreme care shall be exercised to avoid damage to the new construction, contractor’s equipment, construction stakes, manholes, etc.

In addition, observance of the following guidelines will help to expedite the work and ease the inconvenience, which may be caused by this construction process.  Your patience, cooperation, and understanding will be appreciated and will be necessary to bring about a successful and timely Project completion.

  1. Since the street will be constructed one half at a time, there will be “No Parking” allowed on Airport Road for the duration of the Project. All vehicles need to utilize the on-street parking on adjacent streets.
  2. All sidewalk will be reviewed and all failing sidewalk sections will be removed and replaced.
  3. For your safety, as well as the safety of others, DO NOT MOVE BARRICADES. When the Project is complete, the contractor will remove all barricades.
  4. Do not walk on any freshly poured concrete until 24 hours after it has been poured. Concrete edges, particularly, may break readily, unless the concrete has had time to cure.  You cannot drive on new concrete until it has cured for a period of 7-10 days.  Vinton Construction and the City of Menasha will provide Quality Control testing and the traffic patterns will change as strength of the new pavement is achieved.  Traffic patterns and barricading will be moved by Vinton Construction and their sub-contractors.
  5. All areas disturbed during construction will be restored by the contractor, but will require property owner assistance to ensure satisfactory results. The contractor is responsible for restoring all disturbed turf areas with topsoil, fertilizer, seed, and mulch.  The property owner is responsible for watering these areas to promote complete satisfactory results.
  6. If there is any leftover construction debris, the contractor will remove it. Please do not throw it into the roadway.
  7. Mail delivery for residents on Airport Road will be done at a temporary mail box bank set up on Depere Street at Airport Road. Mail delivery for Residents on Blake’s Way and Mayer Street, north of Airport Road, will not be affected during construction.
  8. Refuse/recycling carts and dumpsters will be serviced as usual. If you are served by the City of Menasha or the Village of Fox Crossing for your refuse and recycling, place your refuse and/or recycling cart at the end of your business or residence entrance as usual. Commercial refuse collection will have access to the business locations at pavement gaps or driveway locations
  9. Please keep children, business patrons, employees and residents away from the construction work areas and all the construction work activities in order to avoid possible injuries.
  10. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above, please contact the City of Menasha Department of Public Works and Engineering at (920) 967-3610.