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Racine Street Bridge

Racine Street/Main Street Construction - UPDATE
City of Menasha will be closing the Racine Street and Main Street intersections to complete utility relocation in advance of Stage 3.
Please read the memo to answer any questions you might have.

Racine Street BridgeRacine St Bridge Plans
The Racine Street bridge is currently under construction. To view more detailed information regarding the project, please visit the WisDOT page. The project is currently scheduled to be complete in late 2022. 

Traffic Impacts: Expected to be completed in 3 stages
  • Stage 1 (October 2020  –  September  2021)  –  Bridge  OPEN
    • Racine Street  Bridge  and  adjacent  intersections  remain  open  to  traffic
    • Construction begins within  river  on new  bascule span
  • Stage 2 (September  2021  –  June  2022)  –  Bridge  CLOSED
    • Racine Street  Bridge is  closed  to  vehicle traffic
    • Racine Street  intersections at  Main  Street  and  Ahnaip  Street  remain  open
    • Continue construction of  new  bascule  span  and  begin  construction  of fixed  approach  spans
    • Demolish and  remove  existing  Racine Street  Bridge
    • Detour - 3rd Street (WIS  114) to  Tayco  Street to  Nicolet Blvd  to  Ahnaip  Street
    • Navigation channel  will  be  maintained  for  boaters  until  end  of navigation  season  in  midOctober  2021  although  there  may  be  very  brief interruptions
  • Stage 3 (June 2022  –  Fall  2022)  –  Bridge CLOSED
    • Racine Street  Bridge  is  closed to vehicle traffic
    • Racine Street  intersections  at  Main  Street  and  Ahnaip  Street  are closed to vehicle  traffic
    • Continue construction  of  new  bascule span  and fixed approach spans
    • Construct new  roundabouts  at  the  Racine  Street  intersections  with  Main  Street  and  Ahnaip  Street
    • Detour -  3rd Street  (WIS  114)  to Tayco  Street  to Nicolet  Blvd  to  Ahnaip Street

KL Engineering Preliminary Bridge Lighting Presentation

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