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Officer In Charge (OIC)

To help prepare officers for advancement in the Police Department and to assist with staffing, the Menasha Police Department utilizes an Officer In Charge (OIC) position.  OIC's are patrol officers who, for a shift, work as shift supervisor to fill vacancies when Lieutenants are on vacation or have other responsibilities.  An OIC is typically an officer who is interested in advancing through the ranks and gives a "taste" of what it is like to be a supervisor.

When appointed the title of OIC, a patrol officer attends trainings to help further develop their leadership and supervisory skills.  For further training a new OIC will work with a Lieutenant to learn how to effectively supervise a shift.  When working under the title of OIC, a patrol officer has similar responsibilities as a Lieutenant including reviewing reports, coordinating patrol responses, and speaking with concerned citizens.

The OIC position is a great way for an Officer to get a taste of what it is like to be a supervisor and help guide their career decisions.  The Menasha Police Department utilizes 3-4 OIC's at a time.  To be selected as an OIC, a patrol officer should have at least three years of experience and show that they are dedicated to the mission and views of the Police Department.

Our current OIC list (in alphabetical order):

Officer Dan Hoernke
PIO Nick Oleszak
Officer Shelby Birkholz
Investigator Pete Sawyer
Officer Sara Swenson


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