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The City of Menasha Police Department is fortunate to two active K9's positions.  K9 handlers receive extensive training to meet National standards.  After receiving certification, each K9 goes through re-certification each year it is in service.  Our drug K9's also assist neighboring agencies when requested to do so.

It is the responsibility of each K9 handler to maintain the health and welfare of the K9 including proper nutrition, grooming, medical care, affection, and living conditions.  Each K9 lives with it's handler and is allowed to socialize in the handler's home.  In most cases, the K9 and handler are a pair for the entire career of the K9.  Please read below on our current K9's.

CamiK9 Cami 

K9 Cami is assigned to Lieutenant Nelson.  She is a drug detection K9 and also specializes in tracking.  Cami is credited with multiple drug busts including Heroine, Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Marijuana, and drug paraphernalia as well as found firearms.

K9 Geller (Facility K9) 

K9 Geller is a facility K9 that is assigned to SRO Jorgenson in the Elementary Schools.  Geller is a two-year-old golden retriever/lab mix who has had two years of extensive training along with intense training with SRO Jorgenson at Canine Companions regional headquarters in Delaware, Ohio.  Geller is trained to help children open up and be more willing to share concerns or information they may otherwise be uncomfortable with.  She is also trained to work specifically with children that are identified with autism, gross motor deficiencies, and going through severe emotional disturbances.  Geller even has her own Facebook account!

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