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Terrace Tree Information

Part of Section 6-4-8(b) of the Menasha City Ordinance

Tree Planting on Street Terraces 
Tree Maintenance

Tree Planting on Street Terraces
Trees may be planted on street terraces by the abutting property owner at his/her expense under the following guidelines:

  1. The terrace is wide enough to accommodate trees without damage to sidewalk or curb.
  2. Trees will not be planted in locations which will create a vision problem or any other hazard for the motoring public. Generally no closer than 25 feet from an intersection.
  3. Depending on a tree's mature height and crown, trees shall be planted a minimum of 30 feet apart. Distances will vary depending on the trees mature height and crown.
  4. Planting will be done in accordance with utility policies.
  5. All tree species must be approved by the City Forester.
  6. A tree permit, signed by the City Forester, must be obtained five days prior to planting.
  7. Permits are available at no charge from the Parks and Recreation office. The location of all underground utilities is the adjoining property owner's responsibility. Property owners are advised to call Digger's Hotline at 1-800-242-8511 to have this service performed. 

Street terrace trees are available through the City at no cost to residents in a designated planting district. The planting district will change from year to year and will be publicized in the newspaper. Trees are guaranteed for one year from the date of planting. The city is responsible for locating all underground utilities.

Trees are available for purchase (to be planted by park staff on street terraces) under the following guidelines:

1.  Street terrace trees may be purchased outside the designated district at fifty percent of the current rate per tree. It is intended to offer trees to residents at no cost every four years.
2.  City Forester or his designee will determine tree replacement on street terraces.
3.  Guidelines for this section are the same as Section I-A(1-7).
4.  Where tree removal is necessary, due to disease, storm damage, street reconstruction, etc., a property owner may request 
     replacement of tree(s) at no charge. A suitable planting site will be determined by the City Forester. One calendar year will be
     allowed for request of tree replacement at no charge.
5.  At the discretion of the City Forester and when funds are available, suitable terrace areas may be selected for tree planting. 
     Property owners will be contacted prior to tree purchase and may refuse the tree planting proposal.  Trees will be planted in
     the Spring and Fall by park staff.
6.  An adjoining property owner may request a larger tree at additional cost. Price and availability will be determined by the City Forester.
7.  In the case of a tree or trees being removed due to street construction or reconstruction, the City will replace the tree at no
     cost to the property owner. The owner has the right to refuse the tree. 

Tree Planting on Private Property -- Front Yard Setback Only

  1. Property owner will pay fifty percent of the cost of tree if property is in the selected District, or full cost if not in the District.
  2. Tree(s) on private property shall be planted within the twenty-five foot setback of front property line.
  3. Trees are the property owner's responsibility for pickup and planting. There is no guarantee of trees under this section.
  4. Tree species and genus selections will be made available to the property owner, under approval of the City Forester.
  5. Property owner is responsible for utility locations by calling Digger's Hotline at 1-800-242-8511, three days prior to planting day.
  6. The Property owner is fully responsible for care and maintenance of any tree(s) under this section.
  7. In the case of street tree removal where replanting on the terrace is not feasible, the property owner can purchase a replacement tree for his/her property (at 50% of cost) under the guidelines of this section.
    See list of recommended species.

Tree Maintenance
Cutting of Trees

  1. Trees on street terraces will be cut for the following reasons: (Chapter 19.01 [4] of the Municipal Code)
    • Traffic hazard (including vision)
    • Interference with utility lines
    • Damaging sidewalk or curb
    • Dead or dying (determination of City Forester)
    • At request of abutting property owner (City Forester approval)
  2. Trees in parks and other off street locations will be cut only on order of the City Forester. 
  3. Tree Trimming and Pruning
  4. Tree trimming shall be done according to ISA (International Society of Arborculture) standards.
  5. Tree trimming and pruning shall be done by park staff or approved contractor.
  6. Trees shall be trimmed to maintain a 14 foot vertical clearance from top of curb or street surface if curb not present. The purpose is to maintain a uniform look.
  7. Trees shall be shaped uniformly and removal of deadwood to the next stable living branch or trunk using the branch collar as a cutting guide.
  8. Trees shall be cleared of suckers and branches that interfere with pedestrian or vehicular traffic. Sidewalks shall maintain a minimum clearance of eight (8) feet while maintaining requirements of B(3). Depending on the type of tree and natural shape of its crown, sidewalk clearance may be higher than 8 feet. 
    • Disposal of Wood

    • Only city crews or contractors under contract to the city will cut trees on street terraces, in parks or on any land under city control.
    • Wood from trees removed from street terraces will be made available to the adjoining property owner at his/her request. Property owners remove the wood at their own risk. If the wood is not desired, city crews will cut and haul the wood to the city garage. No personal cutting or hauling of wood will be done by city crews or contractors.
    • Wood cut from all city lands will be taken to the city garage and piled.

How can I plant a tree on my terrace?

  1. Tree can be purchased through the City at a nominal fee.
  2. Trees can be planted by the property owner at his/her own expense. However, permission should be obtained from the City Forester (967-3642, M-F 7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.) prior to planting. Please allow five days.
  3. Street terrace trees are available to residents through the City at no cost in a designated planting district. The planting district will change from year to year and will be publicized in the newspaper.
    Refer to the recommended species list for choices. Where overhead wires exist, a low-growing tree is recommended. Narrow terraces less than 3 feet in width also limits tree choices. The City Forester has final decision on tree type and location on terrace.

City Tree Planting Program 

The City of Menasha 's tree planting program provides terrace trees to properties on a rotating basis by aldermanic district. For 2014 the Forestry division will target districts 3 and 4. Other districts may receive tress depending on availability. Trees will be planted both in the Spring and Fall.

Trees will be planted in terrace areas which are at least (3) three feet wide, (10) ten feet from a driveway, (5) five feet from a water service, (35) thirty five feet from intersections, and (30) thirty feet from other trees. Terraces without overhead utilities will have priority for tree planting. Tree locations will be determined by the City Forester.

Please note that residents who wish to plant their own tree(s) in the terrace area must obtain a permit from the City Forester before planting.

Any questions in regard to the tree planting program should be directed to Vince Maas, Park Superintendent / City Forester.

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