Recommended Species


list of recommended species

Wide Terrace - No Overhead Wires
Maple   Autumn Blaze, Sienna Glen, Green Mountain, Fire Fall, Fall Fiesta
Hackberry   Autumn Gold
Ginko   Expresso
Kentucky Coffeetree   Skyline, Imperial, Sunburst
Honeylocust   Swamp White, Burr, Northern Red
Oak   New Harmony, Regal, New Horizon, Princeton, Frontier
Elm   Little Leaf, Redmond, American Sentry, Glenleven
Narrow Terrace - Overhead Wires
Maple   Ginnala, Summer Splendor
Plum   Canada Red Select Cherry
Ironwood   Japanese Tree Lilac
Lilac   Indian Magic, Golden Raindrop, Sugar Tyme, Red Jewel, approved varieties
Crabapple   Autumn Brilliance (tree form)
Serviceberry   Bradford Callery, Cleveland Select

Other species as approved by City Arborist 

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