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The City of Menasha maintains a portion of Oak Hill Cemetery (Oakridge Rd in Neenah) and operates Resthaven Cemetery (206 North Street, Neenah).  Gravesites are available for purchase at Resthaven Cemetery only.

Cemetery Spring Clean Up

Spring clean-up will take place on the first Monday of April each year.  All items will be removed by cemetery staff. This will include artificial bouquets, wreaths and live floral arrangements.

After the above date floral arrangements may be replaced by the grave marker. The arrangements must be placed in one of the following:

  • Urns that are placed on concrete slabs adjoining or part of the grave marker base

  • Pennie planters that are placed on the side of the marker – these holders are placed under the grave marker and extend up the side of the marker

  • Planters which are mounted on a ¾” pipe extended 28” above the ground level – these planters shall be placed along side the grave marker

No Glass and Tin containers for cut flowers permitted.

Items removed by cemetery staff from grave markers will be stored for 2 weeks, after which items will be disposed.



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