About our Data


About our Data


Confirmed: Confirmed cases are those that have positive results from diagnostic, confirmatory polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests or nucleic acid amplification tests (NAT) that detect genetic material of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Illnesses with only positive antigen or positive antibody test results do not meet the definition of confirmed and are not included in the number of confirmed cases.

Probable: A person is counted as a probable case of COVID-19 if they are not positive by a confirmatory laboratory test method (for example, a PCR, or NAT test), but have met one of the following:
              1. Test positive using an antigen test method.
              2. Have symptoms of COVID-19 AND known exposure to COVID-19 (for example, being a close contact of someone who was diagnosed with COVID-19).

Active: A person is counted as an active COVID-19 case if they have a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19, are currently in isolation AND are actively being followed by a disease investigator. Please note, due to the high number of cases, some individuals with COVID-19 who are currently in isolation are not actively monitored by a disease investigator for their entire isolation period. These individuals are not included in the "Active" case count.

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