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Absentee Voting

What is Absentee Voting?
Absentee voting allows registered voters to vote safely and securely by mail or in-person early before an election.

Watch the video tutorial to learn more about absentee voting.

How to request an Absentee Ballot
There are a number of ways to request an absentee ballot:

1. Online
Complete the form online by visiting myvote.wi.gov – if you do not have a photo ID on file with the Clerk's Office you may be asked to upload a photo ID (i.e. WI Driver’s License or ID).

Watch the video tutorial on how to request an absentee ballot online at MyVoteWI.wi.gov.

2. By Mail or Email
Contact the City Clerk's office to request an Absentee Ballot Request form be mailed or emailed to you. Once you receive the application by mail or email, complete all portions and return it to the City Clerk's office located 100 Main Street, Suite 200 by mail or place it in the City of Menasha drop box.

3. In-person
Visit the City Clerk's office to pick-up a printed copy of the Absentee Ballot Request form. All completed printed copies must be returned by mail or email. 

How do I fill out my Absentee Ballot?
When completing your absentee ballot, sign the voter signature line and write the date you completed your absentee ballot and have a witness sign and write their address.

Watch the video tutorial on how to complete your absentee ballot. 

Where can I return my completed Absentee Ballot?
Once you have placed your voted ballot in the certificate envelope, sign and date the envelope and have an adult U.S. citizen witness your signature (has signed and written their address) your certificate envelope (return envelope) you may return your ballot in one of the following ways:
    1. By mail 
    2. In-person at the Clerk’s Office located at 100 Main Street, Suite 200 (2nd Floor)

All returned absentee ballots will remain sealed and locked up at City Hall until Election Day.

How can I track my Ballot? 
If you have an active absentee request, you can check the status of your ballot by visiting MyVoteWI Track My Ballot webpage.
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