Liquor & Operator Licenses

City Clerk

Liquor & Operator Licenses

The Clerk's Office issues all Liquor Licenses and Operator's (Bartender's) Licenses. 

Operator's (Bartender's) Licenses
Operator's Licenses are issued for the licensing period of odd year to odd year beginning July 1st and ending June 30th.

 - New: $50.00
 - Renewal: $50.00
 - Provisional: $15.00 (NOTE: you must hold a current license with another municipality and be able to provide proof)
 - New (after May 1st):  $25.00
 - Reprint (if lost or stolen): $15.00

No refunds will be given under any circumstances.

How to apply
To apply visit the Clerk's Office located at the Menasha City Center (100 Main Street, Suite 200 (2nd Floor), Menasha, WI 54952) to complete the City of Menasha Operator License Application, pay the fee, have your photo taken (if your photo is outdated or you are a new applicant), and provide a copy of the following documents: your current Operator's License from another municipality OR your Responsible Server Certification AND your Wisconsin ID or Drivers License. 

Application Process

Upon completion and submittal of the Operators License Application, the Menasha Police Department will conduct a background check. Once your background check has been completed, your application will be added as an agenda item before the Common Council for final approval. After Common Council approval, upon your request your license will either be mailed to you or ready for pick up the Wednesday after each Council meeting. If your application is recommended for denial you will be notified prior to the Council meeting by the Police Department. You will then have the opportunity to attend the Council meeting to appeal. NOTE: your application can be denied if you provide false information, which includes omitting information. Please review the Guidelines for Operator Licenses before applying. Application fees will not be refunded if denied. 

Alcohol Seller/Server Training Courses
To complete the alcohol seller/server training or to view a complete list of online and in person training courses, please visit the State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue. NOTE: While the following Responsible Beverage Server training courses have been approved for certification in the state, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue does not endorse nor administer any of these programs. Any issues you have concerning registration, student certification, fees, certificates, etc., must be directed to the individual vendor for resolution.

2019 Bartender Application Deadlines
Council Meeting: Deadline
December 16: December 6
January 6, 2020; December 27

2020 Bartender Application Deadlines
 Council Meeting   Deadline
 January 6  December 27, 2019
 January 20   January 10
 February 3  January 24 
 February 17    February 7
 March 2   February 21 
 March 16   March 6 
 April 6   March 27 
 April 21   April 9 
 May 4   April 24 
 May 18   May 8 
 June 1  May 24 
 June 15  June 5
 July 6  June 22
 July 20  July 10
 August 3  July 24
 August 17  August 7
 September 8  August 27
 September 21  September 11
 October 5  October 25
 October 19  October 9
 November 2  October 23
 November 16  November 6
 December 7  November 25
 December 21  December 11

Liquor Licenses
New Liquor License Applicants
Complete the following forms and file them in the Clerk's Office at least 15 days prior to the granting of the license.
 - AT-106 Original Alcohol Beverage License Application
 - AT-103-Auxiliary Questionnaire (attach a copy of your WI ID or Drivers License)   
 - AT-104-Schedule for Appointment of Agent
 - Coin Operated Device Application
 - Outdoor Serve Applications

Current Liquor License Holder Renewal
 - AT-115-Renewal Alcohol Beverage License Application
 - AT-103-Auxiliary Questionnaire--only if there have been changes in officers/members/agents
 - AT-104-Schedule for Appointment of Agent--only if there is a change of agent 
 - Coin Operated Device Application
 - Outdoor Serve Applications

City Clerk 
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