Reserve a Park Facility


Reserve a Park Facility

We accept reservations for picnic areas, shelters, pavilions, the gazebo at Smith Park, swimming pool private use and ballfields.  These reservations can be made at the Parks and Recreation Office.

Please click HERE for an online copy of our Park Facility Reservation Form

  • Groups affiliated with City of Menasha families, organizations and businesses can reserve park facilities for rentals within that calendar year starting the first working day of January. 
  • Non-city groups can reserve facilities starting the first working day of February. 
  • Reservations must be made 24 hours in advance and fees paid in full at the time of application.
  • Telephone reservations or “holding” a date will not be accepted.

The Parks and Recreation Department only books one group/event per day, per facility.  If a calendar indicates a rental for a specific time, that facility is booked for the entire day and cannot be rented by any other group.

With our online recreation software, you can check for available dates at one of our shelters or pavilions.  Simply CLICK HERE to go directly to ActiveNet. 

  • Select the Facility Calendars on the left side of the screen
  • Select View Calendars. This will take you to a list of all of the park facilities (pavilions, shelters, picnic areas, ball diamonds, etc) 
  • Find the Location and Facility Type you are searching for
  • If under Reserved Dates it states No Dates Reserved, no reservations have been made for that location
  • If under Reserved Dates it shows Calendar Year and Month, there are dates in those months which have a reservation
  • Select the month you are searching for, it will bring up the calendar which will show dates and times that the facility has already been reserved
  • The City of Menasha has fee reciprocity with City of Appleton, City of Neenah and Fox Crossing for many facility rentals.
  • Simply sending a City of Menasha, Appleton, Neenah or Fox Crossing resident to reserve a park facility does not automatically guarantee residency fee status.
  • ONLY City of Menasha residents/organizationsare eligible for the early reservation period. 
  • In order to be granted resident fee status, an event or picnic must be sponsored by a City of Menasha, Appleton, Neenah or Fox Crossing business or organization.  Family picnics must show an association with a family residing in Menasha, Appleton, Neenah or Fox Crossing.
Refer to the current park facility fee schedule for reservation charges.  Tournament or event organizers must coordinate all diamond use plans with City Staff.  A copy of our Koslo Park Wet Diamond/Field Care policy is available upon request.

The pool can be rented for private party use.  This is great for children's birthday parties and team-building events.  Sorry - no adult parties and alcohol is not allowed at the pool.

We also offer a GROUP DISCOUNT for the pool.  This is available for groupds of 15 OR MORE and is for use of the pool during normal open swim times.  Prior arrangements must be made through the MPRD office. 

  • Group Rate:  $2.25/person.  Call the MPRD office at 967-3640 to inform us of your plans (3-4 weeks prior to event).
  • The group or organization is responsible for designing and planning an acceptable ticket for each person in the group.  A small, specially identified ticket will do.  Bring sample into the MPRD office at least two weeks prior to your event.
  • Tickets are presented for admission to the pool.  Pool staff will collect and count tickets.  After the group is admitted, the group leader will pay for the group.  Make sure your check corresponds to the exact number of people admitted.
  • Inclement Weather.  The Pool Supervisor will determine whether to open or close the pool.  As a general rule, if the pool would ordinarily close due to cool weather, rain, etc., you will be given a full refund.  If the weather is such that we would plan on being open, we will expect your group to arrive as planned.


Parks and Recreation Department
Menasha City Center
100 Main Street, Suite 200
Menasha, WI 54952

Phone: 920-967-3640
Fax: 920-967-5272

Parks & Recreation Director:
Brian Tungate   e-mail

Parks Superintendent:
Vince Maas   e-mail

Administrative Assistant:
Lori Walbrun   e-mail