Landmarks Commission

Landmarks Commission

Landmarks Commission


Landmarks Commission Overview

The Menasha Landmarks Commission was established in October of 1995. During the creation of this commission, the Common Council declared as a matter of public policy that the "protection, enhancement, perpetuation, and use of improvements of special character, special historic interest or value is a public benefit in that such protection, enhancement, perpetuation, and continued use is believed to"...

  • serve as support and stimulus of business and industry and strengthen the city's economy;
  • safeguard Menasha's historic and cultural heritage;
  • stabilize and improve property values;
  • foster civic pride in accomplishments of the past;
  • promote the use of historic structures and sites for the education and enjoyment of Menasha residents; and
  • integrate the modern environment with historic buildings and sites.
The Landmarks Commission is scheduled to meet the second Wednesday of every month at 5:00 P.M. Meetings are held in the Council Chambers located on the 3rd floor of City Hall.  Please contact the Community Development Department at (920)967-3650 or Kristi Heim with any questions.

The Landmarks Commission has broad responsibilities for managing the city's historic resources. These responsibilities include:

  • Listing structures eligible for specially designated landmarks status
  • In cooperation with the Plan Commission, preparing a Historic Preservation Plan
  • Working with the state Historic Preservation Review Board to enroll designated properties in the National Register of Historic Places
  • Recommending the acquisition of appropriate properties
  • Establishing markers for historic sites and districts
  • Promoting public education, interest, and support for the preservation and enhancement of historic features
  • Advising owners of historic resources of preservation techniques and benefits

LANDMARKS GUIDEBOOK: Project Guidelines & Submission Information
HISTORIC DISTRICT APPLICATION: For Renovation, Remodel, or Signage Alterations in the Historic District
C-2 DISTRICT SIGN GUIDELINES: For Signage in the C-2 Central Business District Zoning District
HISTORIC DISTRICTS MAP: Locations of City of Menasha Historic Districts

MayorsPhotoHistoric Properties Survey Information
In February of 2008, the City of Menasha was awarded a grant from the Wisconsin Historical Society to conduct a survey of Menasha's historic properties. The grant enabled the city to update the original survey of historic properties that was last completed in 1986. The firm Heritage Research, Ltd. was engaged by the city to conduct the resurvey work. The updated survey was presented to the Landmarks Commission in August of 2009 and has been accepted by the State Historical Society.

Historical and Architectural Resources Survey Report (Pdf Format)
Historical and Architectural Resources Resurvey (Powerpoint)

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