Historic Structures

Landmarks Commission

Historic Structures

Exterior Alterations
A permit is required for any alteration to the exterior of a designated historic structure or a structure within a historic district, or causing any physical change to a designated historic site. Exterior alterations include but are not limited to, the construction of additions, the installation of siding, windows, doors, awnings and signage, and the application of paint or any other exterior coatings.

Persons contemplating additions or alterations should contact the city's Community Development Department for a copy of the building alteration permit and to discuss code requirements. Upon receipt of a completed application and any other required drawings, samples, etc, the Community Development Director will confer with the Landmarks Commission chairman to determine whether the application should be referred to the commission for review and recommendation.

Demolition and New Construction
Designated Historic Structures or sites may not be demolished nor may new buildings be constructed or uses be established unless a permit is granted. Permitting requirements are the same as for building alterations. If you are considering demolition and/or new construction of a historic structure or site, please contact the Community Development Department for more information.

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